Thursday, July 7, 2016


A gatekeeper is a physical being that works in a non-physical environment. When you die you "go to the light" gate keepers keep that portal open. There needs to be beings from the physical perspective doing the work of keeping those "gates" open. The angelic beings are doing everything from their perspective to keep the portals open although there is still energy work required from the physical perspective. Effectively there is a constant battle between light and dark about the control of the gates. Some of these battles are quite spectacular. There is a constant stream of beings going through these gates although there seems to be a shortage of gatekeepers. A gatekeeper also has the ability to close portals that have been opened by being coming into our dimension it is best to shove the being back down their portal before you close it. You may also come across portals that have been open for some time and lots of beings from multiple dimensions have linked up to it and passed through it. The being that come through these portals cause chaos in our dimension.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


This clip explains it beautifully.!

And go to this site for great meditations.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Self Healing

There are three things that make up a human being, namely everything that you put in your body, what you think or your attitude and your genetics. Two of these things we can affect directly but people insist that they should continue to put the same stuff in their bodies that made them unwell and expect different results.
So be aware of what you eat, drink and put in your body as well as your thoughts.

Consciously changing your genetics is a much more detailed subject which I will add later.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Spells Curses and Entities

I have realized that most people don't really know the difference between these anomalies.
All three of them are forces from outside of ourselves affecting us. What they are not is muscle memory,physiology,cell memory or trauma stored in our cells.
There is a subtle difference which can be detected.
If they are treated as such you will get changes but not really results. The entity may move around your body and create different symptoms and the spells and curses will effectively remain unaffected.
I will define each one to shed more light or clarity.
A spell is something that is cast on a person and will continue to affect that person and only that person until it is removed a spell is inert you cannot interact with it in the sense that it will not give answers to questions. With a lot of practice you may be able to get a sense or feeling where a spell came from. Spells cannot be destroyed they can only be removed and placed somewhere else in safekeeping. Spells are similar to a scientific formula as they may lie inert in a book for a long period of time but should they be found and the correct factors applied it will work the same as it always worked, it will not get stronger or weaker. There are general spells and personalized spells. Personalized works only on a specific person and general spells can be applied to any person. When a person with a spell on them dies that spell will hang around inactive until either stored safely or taken and reapplied to another person.

A curse is very similar to a spell and often the difference will go unnoticed but a curse remains effective on a person or their offspring forever. Often a family will have some affliction that always affects their firstborn children or their firstborn male child. This is often a curse and it can affect a family,a village or a tribe in other words any group of people that may have annoyed a witch at some point in time and their offspring.

Considering that hunting wytches was considered a sport for an extended period in our history this scenario is not unlikely.

Entities are beings that believe that they are dark or evil or bad. Either due to a belief in being separate from god or an overlay that has been placed on them that they cannot see past. You can reason or negotiate with an entity and it has an intellect of its own. It is not a split or an extension of the hosts personality even although these do exist. An entity can be removed and the persons affliction will be gone.
This does not mean that the person cannot go and get another entity after the first one has been removed. Some people are so used to their entities that when it is removed they feel as though something is missing until they get another one. This condition is often called an addiction or a disease.

So with some definitions out of the way there are a couple of things that I would like to mention about spells and curses.
The vibration of the planet is increasing and so is everything on it and as a result of this spiritual abilities that previously took almost a lifetime to acquire are almost instantly available.
A lady that came to me for help recently was amongst other things having difficulty getting a man out of her life as he did not seem to be getting the message to leave.
As she was telling me about this she remembered that when she met the man she thought to herself "bind him".
Now she is a powerful being in herself and has been a witch in past lives but does not practice any of this in her current life but just by having that thought she cast a spell on this man and years later after the relationship had run its course he was unable to understand the concept of leaving her.
Please be careful when playing with spells it is not a game and the long term affects can be devastating especially when you mess with the natural order of things.

When dealing with people that cast spells always ask if they know how to remove spells.

I was quite horrified some time ago when searching for someone that may help refine my spell removal abilities to discover that of the many "white"witches advertising NONE
know how to remove a spell but all claim that they can cast one and I well believe that they can.

Spells create an imbalance or abundance of some item but in turn create a lack of something else to maintain the balance.

So to get something for example a lover,money etc what are you prepared to give up your sight,maybe happiness or healthy children or how about your freedom. These are often things that we take for granted.

Think about it before you cast a spell.

I can remove spells,curses and entities but I will not cast spells.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Entities in your home

This is an interesting subject with much that can be said about it. Most importantly these entities are there to affect you. That means you will be the last person to see them if you decide to get rid of them you will get distracted often as they know how to affect and control you.
If you call in someone else to help you and they seem to see and clear your entities easily. You then seem to feel silly and think you will do it yourself next time. That is the mistake because you will struggle to see them, they are experts at hiding from you but someone else can see them and remove them easily.
Clear your home regularly it makes life a lot more peaceful.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The meaning of life

So I ask myself, what are we doing here?
Why are we here?
Specifically on this planet right now?

There are many answers to these questions. Are we the product of some strange game being played by a bored god looking to make his life interesting?
Is this a game of incarnation and re-incarnation until we reach some sort of goal? Then what?

Happily ever after? (how tedious)

Maybe we only get one shot at it and if you commit one of the mortal sins thats it tickets!!! Maybe god does forgive us but then why lead useful productive lives? Raise hell live on the edge do whatever you like and ask for forgiveness right at the end.(personally this one appeals to me)

Evidence that I have experienced in my life points to there being a lot more to this whole thing than we at first perceive in fact infinite possibilities and realities interweaving with one another but thats a whole new discussion.

This gets me back to my original question.
What are we doing here right now?
I like simple answers to questions.

Considering that we are infinite limitless beings. Did we come here to have relationships with other humans well yes partly but actually no.
My reason for saying that is that if we are infinite limitless beings we could have much more complicated and involved interactions without the limits of human form and we can also experience love in a much more complete and total way.
(please excuse the limits of written communication it not always easy to explain feel)

So another circle leads me back to my original question and there are many of these dead ends as this group believes this and that group believes that.
Also between this philosophy and that religion we can get quite lost looking for WHAT AM I DOING HERE.

There is only one thing that I can see that we all have in common.

Mother earth.

Everything that we wear,eat,touch,experience either comes from or has something to do with mother earth.

Therefore I conclude that we are here to have a relationship with mother earth.

What is that? You might ask.

Well many of you are already in a relationship with your garden or rivers or the sea or with mountains and even the beauty of wide open plains.

To you I say become aware of your relationship and open a dialogue it is your relationship and your experience of mother earth don't be surprised if the relationship is unique to you because that is what it is meant to be.

To you that still say I dunno what to do.

Start with take your shoes off and stand on grass actually feel it. Or stand next to a tree feel it and talk to it in your head.

Work on your relationship with mother earth and all else will sort itself out.

Thank you for listening/reading have a stunning day.